Northern Lights Husky and Trasti & Trine

Trasti & Trine and Northern Lights Husky are based in Øvre Alta, 10 km from the centre of Alta. We offer dog sledding, various dining experiences, and accommodation. We live and work close to the elements. Throughout the darkness of winter and the eternal light of summer we invite our guests to share the good life with us in Finnmark. Take a trip by dog sled through the forest, across the plateau, or down on the frozen river - experience the fantastic northern lights during the darkness or enjoy the first speck of spring sunshine. Enjoy a delicious meal made from local and organic ingredi- ents, served by the fire in a Sámi turf hut or as a decadent spread on a buffet table. Ex- periences like this guarantee you a great night’s sleep, whether that night spent in the best bed we can offer in a charming mountain cabin, or in a tent in the great outdoors.

Northern Lights Husky

We live for dogs and dog sledding. You will gain an insight into our way of life with 40 huskys in the garden, how we train and feed them, and what it is like to participate in a long distance race. Then it will be your turn to try your hand as a musher. With our help you will prepare your own dog team. Together we prepare the dogs, the sleds, and ourselves. It is almost impossible to hear anything except dogs that want to run. The gate opens. The dogs start. Silence falls. A wonderful silence. We are underway. You will find that dog sledding takes place in a safe and responsible environment. Our guides are all experienced mushers. We provide warm winter clothing, winter foot- wear, mittens, and hats. We will pick you up and drop you off in Alta. We want to give you the dog experience you have dreamt of, which is why we offered trips of varying duration. From 2.5 hours - 10 days. Northern Lights husky is a certified ecotourism company.

Trasti & Trine

The north Norwegian culinary tradition is honest, down to earth, and delicious. Let the renowned chef Johnny Trasti take you on a culinary adventure you will not forget. Our ingredients are, as far as is possible, local and organic. Reindeer from the plateau, salmon from the Alta fjord, herbs from the kitchen garden, and berries from the forest in our backyard. We offer cooking classes with different themes and of various dura- tions, including 3-hour lunch classes. The classes can be held privately, or for larger groups. Please contact us for further information.

Come and stay with us

If you are looking for an overnight stay outside of the ordinary, we can offer you a place to stay in our newly built bed & breakfast. The dog yard is right next-door, and you are more than welcome to visit. In the summer, we also have puppies you can vis- it. We offer 2 spacious family rooms (4 beds in each). Perfect for families with children.
It is also possible to stay at Stengelsesgården - an exclusive lodge beside the Alta River. On offer are 10 rooms and 19 beds, all with ensuite. The lodge is approx. 500 metres beyond Northern Lights Husky.


  • Street: Gargiaveien 29
  • Postcode: 9518
  • Place: Alta


  • Phone:: +47 45 85 31 44
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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